A Letter from the Founder

Hi! My name is Rachel Flavin and I’m the founder of Fueling Healthy Families, an online platform I created to help everyday men and women on their quest to better health.

Growing up, I was surrounded by friends and family struggling with serious diseases like cancer and various health issues like high blood pressure, heart problems, and obesity. Knowing that millions around the world struggled with the same, I simply passed it off as “normal” and gave little thought to what it meant to live a healthy life.

It was only once I grew up, got married and had children that I began to shed my unhealthy mindset. I became concerned and exhausted with the neverending colds and flu my children brought home from daycare and school. This concern eventually grew into a worry for their long-term health as well as mine and I knew then, things had to change if I wanted to keep my family happy, healthy — and sane!

So, I was inspired to take action and change everything we did as a family to live a healthy life — from incorporating exercise, to proper daily water intake, sleep, and, most important of all, healthy foods (which fuel our healthy lifestyle).

The difference was night and day. And I thought, “why stop here?” and began to extend my help to friends and close family so they too, could improve their health and wellness from the inside out.

Thus, Fueling Healthy Families was born and my mission to improve the health and wellness habits of others continues.


Rachel Flavin


My Family