Ready to Shred10?

Up-Level Your Health and Wellness with Shred10

If you’re ready to jumpstart your health and form lifelong wellness habits, Shred10 is for you.

Shred10 is a FREE structured health and wellness program designed to help you strategically and sustainably shred unhealthy habits, taking you from where you are now to where your body deserves to be: healthy from the inside out.

The Shred10 program is a fun, effective, and clear path to better health.

For 10 days you will shred the food and habits not serving you such as:

  • Caffeine and alcohol
  • Gluten and dairy
  • Processed foods
  • Artificial/refined sugars
  • Late night meals

And incorporate more healthful habits such as:

  • Drinking more water
  • Exercise
  • Plenty of sleep

…so you can begin a journey of clean, sustainable living all while flooding your body with whole food nutrition.

Are you ready?

Here’s What You’ll Receive: 

  1. A Shred10 Guide full of delicious, healthy recipes designed to keep you on track with the Shred10 healthful habits + Success Tips to support you throughout the process
  2. A Facebook Community full of other Shred10 members who took the plunge for better health, daily encouragement, and a safe space to ask any questions

Let’s Get Started

  1. Commit to following the Shred10 guidelines of healthful habits for 10 days and engage with your new online community
  2. Order your Juice Plus+ products (Juice Plus+ is the perfect companion to the Shred10 program, helping you shred all those unhealthy habits)

     3. Request to be added to the Facebook group so you can join your fellow Shred10 members on this quest to better health
    4. Watch the Shred10 Informational video to get you excited, ready, and informed on what’s to come

Ready to Shred10?