Top Sipology Tea Gifts for the Holidays

Top Sipology Tea Gifts cover

Sipology by Steeped Tea is a Canadian-based direct sales company focused on loose-leaf teas, available in both the United States and Canada. If you’re used to drinking bagged tea, loose leaf tea takes it up a notch. Bagged tea is to hot dogs, as loose leaf tea is to steak. Bagged tea is the tea dust and remnants left over after packaging the higher quality loose leaf tea. You’ll notice the difference in the flavor profiles and the ability to brew many of the varieties 2-3 times without losing flavor. Check out my guide of some of the top Sipology tea gifts for the holidays.

Top Sipology Tea Gifts

Make Your Own Tea Collection

Not sure what flavors or tea types your tea-loving friend enjoys? The Make Your Own Tea Collection allows you to select 6 of Sipology’s most popular teas, along with 50 steeping sacks.  Includes choices for both caffeine and caffeine-free options.

My personal favorites: La La Lavender, Peppy Peppermint, Earl Grey de la Creme, and Peach Schnapps!

Sipology Make Your Own Collection Tea Flavors

Tea Beginner’s Collection

Perfect for introducing your loved ones to loose leaf tea, the Tea Beginner’s Collection. This tea gift collection includes my three absolute favorite Sipology teas, along with a double-walled cup perfect for hot or cold drinks and an infuser for brewing right away. Earl Grey De La Crème was the first tea from Sipology by Steeped Tea and my absolute go-to hot and cold. Just a classic tea with a hint of creaminess without the calories or dairy.

– Double Bubble Cup
– Earl Grey De La Crème, Black Tea (2.65 oz, 75 g)
– Peppy Peppermint, Herbal Tea (1.76 oz, 50 g)
– Cookie Dough, Pu’erh Tea (2.65 oz, 75 g)
– Perfect Cup Infuser (Steeped Teal)

Sipology Tea Beginner's Collection

Sangria Collection

Perfect for the wine and sangria lover in your life. Pair with a bottle of wine for a complete done-for-you sangria kit.

– Choice of any two Sangria Mixers
– Teacanter (51 fl oz, 1.5 L)
– 1 Pot of Tea Spoon

Available Sangria Mixers: Cherry Sangria, Citrus Mint Sangria, Cranberry Rose Sangria, Hawaiian Pineapple Sangria, Juicy Blackberry Sangria, and Winter Sangria

Sipology Sangria Collection

Kombucha Starter Collection

Brewing your own kombucha has never been easier, especially with this kit that contains (almost) everything you need to brew your first batch. Just add sugar, and you’ll be on your way to crafting your own flavors for a fraction of the cost of store-bought bottles.

Kombucha Starter Collection

Something for Yourself

24 Steeps Tea Collection

While the 24 Steeps Collection makes a great gift on its own, I want to highlight a few additional uses:

  1. Advent Calendar – With 24 teas, there is one tea a day for December 1 – December 24. Plus, a special Facebook group to share your reaction, learn recipes using your tea and connect with other tea lovers.
  2. Split it up for individual tea gifts – Each tin contains at least 2 servings of tea. Pair 2-3 tins with a cute mug or tumbler and you have the perfect teacher or coworker gift.
  3. Keep for yourself – The 24 Steeps Collections is the ONLY way to try ALL the holiday exclusive teas. These teas are only available from October 1 – December 31 each year, or until supplies last (and these teas & this collection do sell out!).

Sipology Tea Gifts 24 Steeps

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Top 10 Budget Fitness Gift Ideas

Top 10 Budget Fitness Gift Ideas

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. While using these links will not cost you any more, I may make a commission on any purchases.

Sure, we all wish we could gift our friends The Mirror Home Workout System or a Peloton, but for the rest of us, check out our guide of the Top 10 Budget Fitness Gift Ideas. Before you start shopping, think about the following questions to guide your search:

  • What types of workouts do they do?
  • Where do they work out?
  • How often do they work out?

Top 10 Budget Fitness Gift Ideas

10. Speed Jump Rope

Jump ropes are all the rage in Bootcamp and Crossfit gyms due to their ability to develop coordination, agility, footwork, endurance and overall conditioning. They are compact, lightweight, and bring back those fond memories of grade school recess. And under $10!

Speed Jump Rope

9. Fitness Dice

For anyone working out at home, it can get pretty monotonous doing the same workout over and over. A fitness dice adds a little spontaneity, resulting in new workouts every day!

8. Running Gloves

Gloves are a perfect Christmas gift because it’s cold outside! Look for gloves that are lightweight, yet warm, with touchscreen capabilities.

7. Fitness Journal

Gym rats love to plan and track their workouts and strength progression. Runners love to track their mileage and plan their training for upcoming races. Journals are a great reminder to get that workout in and motivation to keep progressing.

6. Yoga Mat

Whether hitting their favorite yoga studio or doing a session at home, there is no need for boring yoga mats.

yoga mat

5. Massage Stick

The perfect self-care gift idea! It can be stored under their desk at work or in a closet at home and used to treat themselves to a tension and pressure release anytime and anywhere. It’s a great gift that will keep on giving!

massage stick roller

4. Foam Roller

One thing almost every runner, cardio fan and weight lifter loves but never has at home is a foam roller. Perfect for rolling out tight muscles, stretching, and even some isometrics, this is an amazing Christmas gift for any athlete in your life.

foam roller

3. Socks

Nothing makes a runner happier than new socks! And they are definitely not something they tend to splurge on for themselves. My favorite brands are Swiftwick, Balega, and Zelle.

2. Resistance Bands

Great for the traveler or those with little space, resistance bands can be taken anywhere and provide a wide arrange of workout options for the newbie or advanced user. Most sets are under $10!

Loop Resistance Bands

1. Joggers


High on the trends list for 2020 have been joggers! Think of your old sweat pants, elevated to another level where they are both functional and fashionable. In my opinion, they are the new leggings. You can find budget-friendly joggers at Old Navy, and all the big-name fitness brands have their own too.


Save For Later

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