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I was recently given the opportunity to review the OPOVE M3 Pro Max Massage Gun. This is the best-selling massage gun on Amazon, with over 9000 reviews and five-stars given by 90% of all reviewers. As an avid runner, I’d seen different massage guns promoted by my local running store. Massage guns are widely used by runners, and other athletes, to provide relief after tough workouts and to prepare for big events. It’s not unusual to have sore muscles after a tough workout or after working a new muscle group. Massage has been shown to provide relief and allow another tough workout sooner. But who has the time (or money!) to get professional massages after every workout? Massage guns allow you to self-massage!


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First Impression of the OPOVE M3 Pro Max Massage Gun

Within the exterior cardboard box, the OPOVE M3 Pro Max Massage Gun comes stored within a heavy-duty, zippered carrying case. I was super impressed with the quality of this case and the storage capability. The OPOVE M3 Pro Max Massage Gun set comes with a charging cable, 5 attachment heads for different massage needs for your entire body, and instruction guides. When fully charged, the OPOVE M3 Pro Max Massage Gun has a 4-hour battery life.




As someone not familiar with trigger point therapy, anatomy, or massage, I was glad that the set came with a guide for massaging different body parts. Each body part is marked with  X’s to show trigger point spots to apply the massage gun to for best results. The massage gun can be operated in either manual or automatic mode. The manual mode holds a consistent pressure, with 4 different operating levels. With the auto mode, the massage gun will automatically change the pressure to allow varying degrees of pressure without having to manually adjust.


trigger point therapy manual


While I consider myself, at a minimum, a weekend warrior, the OPOVE M3 Pro Max Massage Gun has strong power and is good for both fitness enthusiasts and people who suffer from back pain. It is extremely light-weight and quiet, even in high-speed mode yet is very high quality. You can also use the gun in either manual or auto mode, so it’s extremely customizable to your needs. Given that professional massages usually start at $1 per minute, the value of a massage gun is priceless!

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OPOVE M3 Pro Max Massage Gun



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