Habitica – Help Build Habits by Gamifying Your Life

I was recently searching for an app that I could enter daily to-dos that would automatically rollover each day to help build some daily habits. I received all sorts of recommendations, but one really stuck out – Habitica. The recommender said it was perfect for someone that likes social games and the idea of gamification. What that means is you earn points and build onto a character for every completed to-do! You also lose health when you don’t complete your to-dos. I downloaded Habitica from the Google Play store, but it is also available in the App Store. When logging in for the first time, it will ask if you are using the app for health and wellness or education or business and provide you sample habits and tasks. You can also fully customize the app with items that you want to accomplish.

Habitica in Google Play Store

Habitica is broken up into 4 sections:

  1. Habits
  2. Dailies
  3. To-Dos
  4. Rewards

Habits sreenshot


You can set up both Good Habits (things you should do multiple times per day like eat vegetables) and Bad Habits (nail biting). Completing a Good Habit earns you gold and experience, while completing a Bad Habit subtracts health.



Dailies are tasks that you have to do every day, like brushing your teeth or checking your email. You can adjust the days that a Daily is due by clicking the pencil item to edit it. If you skip a Daily that is due, your avatar will take damage overnight. I’ve been trying to implement a daily workout routine, so added my individual workouts as Dailies. I also have Dailies for different social media tasks that I want to complete each day, like post on Instagram, my business page, and Twitter. You can earn experience points and coins when completing your Dailies to upgrade your character.


I haven’t used the To-Dos section yet, but this is a place to add one-time items. You can add due dates to your To-Dos and you earn experience points and coins for completing your To-Dos.


This section allows you to spend your coins on new weapons and accessories for your character.


There is also a social aspect to the game with Parties, Guilds, Challenges and the Tavern. These features allow you to chat with other users and join challenges with the your friends or strangers based on similar goals.


I highly recommend Habitica! It has a great layout and is easy to use. I like that it breaks out habits that can be completing throughout the day (like drinking water) versus daily habits (10 squats, for example). I’m also motivated to complete my Dailies so I don’t lose Health points. Whenever you lose all your health points, you drop down a level and lose your experience points as well.

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Resolutions – How Are You Doing?

2018 Goals

It’s February, which means 80% of New Year’s resolutions have failed. How are you doing?

Taking some proactive tips to isolate your resolutions can help you get back on track.

Write it down

You are 43% more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down.


  • Vision Board
  • Write it in your planner
  • Write it on a sticky note and place it on your bathroom mirror or computer screen (some place that you’ll see every day)

Break it down

When you break down your goal into smaller steps you create an action plan.

Want to lose weight?

  • Week 1 – Remove 1 calorie filled drink per day
  • Week 2 – Add 1 30 minute workout
  • Week 3 – Add 1 vegetable to each meal
  • Week 4 – Sleep at least 7 hours each night

Want to get out of debt?

  • Week 1 – Bring your lunch (instead of buying)
  • Week 2 – Stick to a shopping list
  • Week 3 – Review your expenses to determine where you can eliminate or cut back services
  • Week 4 – Make a budget

Share it

Sharing your goal with someone creates accountability and helps you commit to it. Share it on social media or find an accountability partner where you are each working towards a goal and you can brainstorm action plans together.

Visualize it

Set your intention for the day and visualize success on daily tasks. Your vision boards and sticky notes can be very helpful in keeping your goals front of mind. Affirmations are another powerful tool to use. I like the My Affirmation App (Android link). It comes pre-filled with affirmations or you can add your own. Combine that with their beautiful images, and you are sure to be inspired.

Check in

Set periodic reassessments to check-in and reevaluate your goals and progress. It’s ok to change or modify your goal. You may even be in the situation where you’ve knocked your goal out of the water and need to determine what’s next. Take time to evaluation, brainstorm, and move forward.

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